CS50 Course from Harvard — The Review


Back to the present, I’ve been looking for a remote job opportunity as a web developer because this is what I’d love to do. I always feel energized and enjoyed when coding, not like being at the 8 to 5 job. So, I decided to educate myself to catch up with the latest technology and more importantly, to strengthen my fundamental knowledge. After looking around from both Coursera and edX, I have chosen to enroll in the CS50 courses. I’ve completed both the courses CS50x and CS50 Web Programming in 4 months, by studying online after working hours. Then, this has been the best decision I’ve ever made. In this article, I would like to write about my joyful experiences with the CS50x — Introduction to Computer Science

The Course

The content of each week is incredible. It often took about 2 and a half hours to complete. To me, the content in each lecture is overwhelming, though it’s not so difficult to digest. Each one of them could be taught as an individual course. Other than that, there are short videos, which I strongly recommend, to explain complex topics such as pointers in C. Every topic has been covered with theory, concepts, visualizations, then practical examples, and extensive explanations. And when all of these materials have been taught by professor David Malan, it became some kind of art.

The Instructors

The Problem Sets

Final thoughts

Vocabulary Builder for CS50x

Expense Tracker for CS50 Web Programming

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